Increased eDiscovery efficiency with effective Project Management

The Ask

Inefficient eDiscovery project management processes leading :

  • Cost overruns due to missed deadlines and duplicated efforts
  • Inaccurate cost and timeline estimations
  • Dissatisfaction due to lack of communication and transparency from vendors
  • Dependency on manual workflows
  • Improper maintenance of centralized data for all project documents and evidences
  • Under leveraging of Relativity, ignoring key features like analytics and built-in reporting

Our Solution

Iota Analytics’ Project Manager – a Relativity Master, worked closely with the partners to :


Create custom workflows for data collection, processing, review, and production based on each project


Create the review playbook including pre-QC checks and production handling


Collaborate with third party Electronic Data Discovery service providers to fast track communication and institutionalize a communication workflow independent of the project


Impart training to create dashboards using tools and analyze various metrics


Worked on several projects

  • A class action law suit with c. 80mn records spanning over 4 different workspaces with over 40 class action custodial data and more than 200+ non class action custodial data. Iota Analytics helped:
    • Streamline the review workflow for slack and teams channel data
    • Utilize 3 CAL models to reduce and review only the relevant data
  • In another complex commercial litigation case, PM streamlined review workflow which allowed the firm to quickly identify and prioritize relevant documents, reducing review time by 40%. Due to this, law firm was able to deliver the production within the court deadline


Improved efficiency

  • Reduced project timelines by 20% and lowered review costs by 15%

Better insights

  • Helped the client in forming a firm grip on the cost and timeline estimations with real-time data insights using dashboards

Increased agility

  • Improved shift coverage around the holiday season

Efficient workflows

  • Streamlined workflows and centralized data access, enabling better internal collaboration and resource allocation
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