Opportunity Assessment in the Fuel Cell Market

A global multinational chemical company

The Ask

The client is interested in understanding opportunities of their products/ services in coating of rare metals in the energy storage market, particularly Platinum for fuel cells. Key questions:

  • What product or components client can introduce in the market?
  • Is there any need of modification in the existing product segment to make it suitable for target market?
  • What would be the best path forward – R&D, Licensing, or Strategic Alliance?

Our Solution


Market Analysis

  • Analyze technology domain to understand the IP landscape along-with identification of key players and their respective focus area
  • Understand the industry value chain and map key players in the market with respect to their role


Technology Analysis

  • Conduct a detailed technology comparison to shortlist most promising technologies based on qualitative and quantitative parameters
  • Perform cost analysis (qualitative) of the technologies with respect to Fuel Cell market


Feasibility Analysis

  • Sketch experimental set-up for determining feasibility analysis of shortlisted technologies based on process requirements, risks involved, complexity, and investment and capability requirements, amongst others

Sample Findings

10 µg/cm2

GREMI laboratory in the University of Orléans

PEM fuel cell electrodes with an ultra-low Platinum content fabricated using magnetron sputtering of Platinum on a commercial E-Tek® uncata10 µg/cm2lyzed gas diffusion layer


The Eindhoven University of Technology

Storing energy in hydrogen 20 times more effective using Platinum-nickel catalyst - catalyst with hollow nanocages of an alloy of Nickel and Platinum


Low-cost aternative catalysts

Polyaniline-derived Non-Precious Catalyst for the Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Cathode


Efficiency parameters along with other important data points were extracted to forecast adoption probability

ALD process was adopted to reduce platinum

Cost benefit analysis
Existing[Material (x) + Manufacturing (y)] > Proposed [Material (x1) + Manufacturing (y1) ]

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