Intellectual Asset

Maximising the Returns on Your R&D Investments

Our domain depth encompasses patent agents, attorneys, engineers, business consultants and industry experts

Build IP strategy based on comprehensive analysis. We have blended our IP Strategy expertise with business analytics and market intelligence to provide a comprehensive research report so that our clients can make their business decisions fearlessly.

We deliver what we commit.

Objective-based engagement models reduce uncertainty in the cost and quality of the output for our clients.

Our Solutions and Services

IPR Services

We assist our clients in creating and protecting high-value intangible assets, through services that span the entire spectrum of IP prosecution and IP litigation.

Patent Prosecution

We provide end-to-end patent prosecution support.

  • Idea Knock-down
  • Novelty/ Patentability
  • Prior Art Searches
  • Patent Drafting
  • Patent Filing
  • Office Action Response

Patent Litigation

We serve both plaintiffs and defendants.

  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Claims Interpretations
  • FTO Search and Risk Assessment
  • Invalidations
  • Claim-mapping
  • Expert Witness Support
  • Negotiation Support

IP Strategy and Portfolio Management Support

  • Prosecution Strategy
  • Licensing Strategy
  • Portfolio Clustering
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis

IP Risk Assessment and Internal Audit Support

Technology Intelligence

We assimilate and assess disparate data sources – from market research reports to patent data – providing actionable insights to our clients. Our services span:

Technology Landscape Analysis

Competitive Intelligence

Opportunity Assessment

Technology Investment and Strategy Support

Open Innovation

Our team of business consultants and industry experts assist you in making critical decisions in areas such as new market entry, build vs. buy vs. partner decisions, technology due diligence, white space analysis, and IP licensing. Our services span:

New Market Assessment

Due Diligence Support

Potential Partner Search

Industry - Academia Collaboration

Licensing Support


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