Technology Landscape Analysis for a Leading Gas Provider

One of the world's largest industrial gas companies

The Ask

The client wanted an IP landscaping of Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence in the Bio-chemical industry. Key asks:

  • How is digitalization impacting the chemical industry?
  • What are the different pathways followed by chemical companies for digitalization?
  • What is the most suitable pathway for the client - considering implementation requirements, key benefits of digitalization, in-house capabilities and the market dynamics?
  • What would be the technology requirements for the client considering their current implementation and requirement of core technologies with respect to the desired objective?

Our Solution


Assess impact area of digitalization in chemical industry

  • Identify key components of the chemical industry value chain with high impact of digitalization
  • Map impact areas against digitalization technologies


Prepare patent landscape in targeted areas

  • Perform a detailed search on patent databases to identify relevant references
  • Categorize and group patents into different clusters to understand technology macro-trends


Perform in-depth implementation analysis

  • Analyse patents in detail to build various implementation scenario
  • Perform FTO analysis with respect to selected scenario for assessing risk


Strategic Recommendations

  • Discuss with client their interest level and perform fit-gap analysis to understand the requirement
  • Provided strategic recommendation based on technology & market landscape




In June 2018, BASF and Citrine Informatics collaborated to use artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate the development of new environmental catalyst technologies and in April 2018, in a press release it was mentioned that BASF Corporation and arc-net are collaborate to use blockchain technology to capture and analyze sustainability parameters in livestock production along the value chain

Glasses and Augmented reality

The Linde Group

Implementing AI optimizes several processes at Linde e.g. transportation and using smart glasses and augmented reality are helping to digitally transform the working culture at Linde by enabling instant access to expertise


Power and resource optimization

Product Enablement

Data Transfer

Solution Integration

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