Patent Portfolio Analysis for a Semiconductor Manufacturer

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The Ask

Assess coverage and potential of client’s patent portfolio; identify patents having high infringement potential. Key questions that the client needs answers to:

  • What is key problem targeted in the patents? What are potential applications of the patented technologies?
  • What are key marketed components or features in the competitors’ products?
  • What are the top patents from the client’s portfolio having high infringement detectability?

Our Solution


Rank patents based on quantitative parameters IOTA Qfactor (P)

  • Download bibliographic details of patent portfolio
  • Sanitize bibliographic details (such as forward citations to remove duplicates)
  • Finalize relevancy of each parameter based on the client’s objective (such grant has high importance for assertion scenarios)


Strategic manual analysis of the patents to categorize them under different applications

  • Analyze top 500 patents in detail to understand RE requirements, targeted product and market
  • Analyze remaining patents quickly to gauge other subjective factors
  • Perform quick market analysis to understand market potential and competition


Create a visual map of overlaps between potential applications and patent clusters

  • Visual map with patent portfolio, products and markets. Flag portfolio elements with high potential based on:
  • – Market size
    – Comprehensiveness of portfolio
    – Availability of information publicly
    – Competition in the market
    – Type of product
    – Claims


Shortlist top 50 patents IOTA Qfactor (S)

  • Shortlist high quality patents in the portfolio and flag them as high potential patents
  • Analyze shortlisted patents in a staged manner to optimize the budget of the client and prepare claim-charts wherever possible




  • High activity in the market as large number of players are available
  • Patented features are usually marketed and published in detail (or RE required up to input/output testing)



  • The features are just added on to one of the key patents, although cannot be mapped, but pitch-book can be prepared to highlight value proposition


SEP – Standard Essential Patents

  • Since patents are related to standards, there is high probability of accessing online information


Stop Paying Annuity

  • These patents can be discarded as technologies that are outdated/ not preferred in the market
  • It can also be donated to the industry for creating future infringement opportunity


Budget Optimization

50%: Reduction in annuity payment for non-valuable assets

3: Licensing agreements

20: Patent covering peripheral technologies bundled with high-valued patents

The work that the Iota Analytics team puts in is truly commendable. We are glad to partner with someone whom we can rely on as our extended team and always trust to keep our best interests.

Portfolio and Licensing Manager

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