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For attorneys in commercial software systems litigation involving patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and contracts

Assessing Source Code evidence is a crucial yet most difficult task in software patent action. Attorneys must ensure the source code is secure while the inspection is done diligently and efficiently.

Our Solutions and Services

Multidisciplinary teams

  • Scalable on demand
  • Experts in unique domains
  • ​Paired-programming approach​
  • Trained team

LLM auto-analyzer

  • Analyze files, emails, documents, Instant Messages for embedded code to narrow down focus for review experts
  • Enable faster and easier review with tags and metadata on the code programming language, as well as the code design and logic


  • Social media​
  • Finance​
  • Automotive​
  • Crypto​
  • Cybersecurity​
  • ​Semiconductor
  • Embedded/ IoT systems

Use cases

  • Recognize crucial evidence
  • Reverse engineering
  • Patent infringement contentions​
  • Prepare exhibits for expert reports
  • Refine technical arguments for depositions and trials
  • Code theft​
  • Contract disputes

Case types

  • Patent infringements
  • Copyright infringements
  • Trade Secrets

Pre-analysis Due Diligence

  • Understand client’s product
  • Understand the accused product
  • Extract overlapping feature sets for both the product (feature mapping)

Software Architecture Analysis

  • Analyze and create a list of software functions
  • Analyze functions calls and orders
  • Create a flow diagram of the software based on function calls

Claim Mapping

  • Analyze and compare software flow and function calls with patent claims
  • Support evidences with technical documentation and academic theories
  • Identify gaps in the claims/products (patent drafting / FTO cases)

EoU Report and Quality control

  • Create Evidence of Use report
  • Review each report for accuracy


  • Understand matter and product feature(s)​
  • Identify document types with source code:
    • File extensions
    • ​Regular expression analytics​
  • Identify relevant documents by key search terms​
  • Assign domain experts based on file types / software


  • Programming languages
  • Features related to specific application
  • Open-source code
  • Third party source code
  • Libraries with external dependencies
  • Compare source code
  • ​Version comparison, meta-data comparison, error reports generated at the time of code creation using external tools​
  • … based on case protocol

Review & Tag

  • Review of segregated cohorts
  • ​Review Chain of Custody (CoC)
  • Create timeline analysis

Quality control

  • 10% stratified random sampling
  • 100% of the file extensions where source code was likely​
  • ​15% random sampling of other file extensions

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