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We work with leading eDiscovery aggregators and providers - with a team of over 120 (and growing) trained and certified eDiscovery and Document Review specialists. Our differentiation lies in our industry domain focus, the use of technology and data sciences in all that we do, and the experience and background of the team.

Our industry specialists have the experience of processing and reviewing data across various industries including gas and power, pharmaceutical, healthcare, banking and insurance, telecom and information technology.

We work on outcome-based commercial models with a razor focus on quality.

Our Solutions and Services


A dedicated, trained and experienced team of eDiscovery specialists processing more than 300TB of data annually, helping maintain variable capacity at much reduced costs.


We catalog the data for processing – managing evidence, creating datasets and staging the data - with a defined quality check process at every level. We use industry standard tools such as FastCopy, convertors for Gmail, RAR, ZIP Veracrypt and Aid4mail.


We provide end-to-end processing of data, all the way from ingestion to export, including deduplication, culling, OCR and overlays. Our team includes trained and certified professionals on leading eDiscovery platforms such as Nuix, Relativity, Law PreDiscovery, eCapture, Venio, TunnelVision and Reveal.


Once the data is processed, our team prepares it for hosting into the review platform. This includes various steps such as creating custom load files, editing metadata fields, identifying and remediating errors, creating overlays, creating searches, performing culling and indexing, setting-up transform sets and domain parsing.


Our team assists clients to be production ready. This includes:

  • Reviewing inconsistent fields and family conflicts
  • Reviewing privileges and redacted documents
  • Creating TIFF images
  • Tagging for production readiness
  • Creating production sets with natives, tiffs, data fields and text and performing quality check
  • Endorsing the documents
  • Running SQL queries to validate results
  • Selecting metadata fields for export and performing metadata scrubbing
  • Creating load file for production assembly and exporting required deliverables
  • Preparing deliverable media and performing quality check

Project Management

Our team of experienced Project Managers provide admin support on the hosting platform by creating fields, choices, views, layouts, batch creation and saved searches. They assist in designing ECA workflow for first and second level review, manage changes in the scope, refine search terms and persistent highlights in coordination with the law firms.

Legal Coding

We are your partner for all coding projects during ebbs and flows, processing 20mn+ pages every year across various languages.

Unitisation or Legal Document Determination (LDD)

Our team combines pages into documents following either the client provided guidelines or our in-house manual that captures our years of experience, working on varied projects.

Bibliographic/ Objective coding

We capture meta-data from English and foreign language documents for standard and complex fields, using Relativity, iConect, RelOne, KOFAX or our in-house built proprietary tool – Sigma. Our team has experience in coding as many as 15-20 fields. We follow a tailored QA process for ensuring field wise validations and consistency.

Customised load files creation

We use leading platforms such as Relativity, Law PreDiscovery, IPRO, Concordance, .XML files and MS Access to create and customise load files for direct loading into the hosting platforms.

Document Management

We perform diverse tasks to help manage data and extract relevant information including image conversion and renaming, redaction, endorsing, OCR and creating searchable pdfs using tools such as ABBYY Fine Reader, Law PreDiscovery, Adobe and IrfanView.

Document Review

Our Document Review Services span Anti-trust, Breach of Contract, Complex Commercial, Deceptive Trade Practices, Patent Infringement and Product Liability Cases.

First Level Review

Our team of licensed attorneys review data for responsiveness, relevancy, privilege information, confidentiality, complex issue level coding; create privilege logs; and perform redactions for PII, PHI and commercially sensitive documents using tools like Relativity, RelOne, iConect, CS DISCO, and Reveal.

Redfern Requests

Our team understands the purpose and type of documents requested for each Request for Productions (RFP) and ensures you get the most relevant documents.

Subjective Coding

We provide you with succinct information of the document – assisting the counsels to make quicker decisions.

Witness Statements and Exhibits

We work closely with counsels to review the witness statements, identify, and tag the exhibits. We understand the importance of accurate information in any litigation and identify even the most trivial gaps.

Project Management

Our team of dedicated Project Managers work directly with counsels to strategize the review; provide technical support for creating layouts and targeted searches. They also provide production support, including progress monitoring and reporting, creating dashboards and performing root cause analysis, enabling the counsels to make well-informed decisions related to the matter.

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