Innovation Opportunity Assessment for Multinational Conglomerate

The client, a multinational conglomerate, needed assessment of business opportunities for novel range enhancement technologies such as repeaters, relays, and reflectors in future communication infrastructure.

The Ask

The client, being a leader in networking technology and innovation, wanted to ascertain whether their advancements in a particular in-focus technology were on the right track towards maintaining their leadership in networking-based services innovation.

Our Solution


Market Analysis

  • Iota Analytics performed a detailed market analysis to understand the market size, potential demand, competitiveness, entities involved in the R&D, required value chain, and growth prospects


IP Analysis and Competitive Landscape Assessment

  • Assessed the IP strength of the recently developed wireless communication technology to understand potential infringement risks, competitive landscape, and white space areas


Comprehensive Analysis

  • Analyzed 100+ entities and 6000+ patents relevant to the technology


Technology Development Assessment

  • Compared the value chain development and patent filings of various entities for the wireless technology in focus


Implementation Feasibility Analysis

  • Computed CapEX and OpEx estimates to validate implementation feasibility of the proposed technology vis-à-vis competing technologies


Developed Scalability Scenarios

  • Worked on two implementation scenarios to confirm the feasibility hypothesis of scalability upon investing in infrastructure development


Business Recommendations

  • Provided recommendations to strengthen the client’s positions in the Innovation and Market strength indices, pertaining to the technology in focus


Market Research

  • Targeted technology caters to LTE coverage enhancement, estimated between $8-12 Billion, with a CAGR of 24.2%

Key Innovator

  • The expected year of mass scale implementation of the proposed technology was estimated to be 2029, and the client was assessed to have a decent establishment against the competitors to come out as a key innovator

Recommendations to Maintain a Dominant Market Position

  • Proposed collaboration with end-use clients for further building implementation case studies to strengthen the feasibility hypothesis
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